Autum Semester 2021 - HSG MIA Mornings

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University St GallenTwo MIA morning workshops offered in autumn semester at the University of St. Gallen:

Democratic Culture in Teams and Networks: The workshop covers an introduction to competences for democratic culture and a structural approach to map cross-cultural differences in communication. Students review and rethink democratic principles in culturally diverse settings.

Context-Sensitive Project Planning: The workshop introduces a context-sensitive project (re-)planning tool, the ʹFramework for Considering a Projectʹs Impact on Conflictʹ, also known as Do-No-Harm Framework, which was designed based on field evidence from the Local Capacities for Peace Project (LCP-P) and further developed since. Students deepen their expertise in project management and sustainable development.

MIA Mornings are designed to provide students with ʺfill the gapʺ skill sets and training that support the progression of their studies as well as the support transition into the professional world.  MIA mornings are part of the practice oriented features of the Master's Programme in International Affairs and Governance (MIA) at the University of St. Gallen.


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